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Math Question Bank

A cone shaped funnel can hold 314 cubic inches of water. If the height of the funnel is 12 inches, what is the radius of the funnel?

The complex numbers w and z satisfy the equations w / z = 2i, z' - 3w = 5 + 5i. Find w and z in the form a + bi where a, b ∈ z.

The parabola y=x^(2) is reflected across the x-axis and then scaled vertically by a factor of (4)/(3). What is the equation of the new parabola?

Find 2X2 integer matrices A,B such that the following conditions are fulfilled

In a football tournament, each team plays exactly 19 games. Teams get 3 points for every win and 1 point for every tie. At the end of the tournament, team Olympus got a total of 28 points. From the following options, how many times could team Olympus have tied?

Use a linear approximation to estimate cos29

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