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Our Study Tool Features

Our study tool is designed to make learning math easy and accessible. With MathGPTPro, you can upload math pictures and text and receive responses from our large language AI model technology. The biggest feature of our app is that you can communicate with it using both pictures and text, just like talking to a teacher.


Seamless Integration

Our study tool is fully integrated with your math curriculum, making it easy to use alongside your regular studies. It's simple and easy to use, just upload your math problems and receive solutions instantly.


Collaborative Learning

Our study tool merges audiences and encourages collaborative learning. You can share your math problems and solutions with others, and learn from their work as well.


Smart Study Planning

Our study tool helps you plan your study time more efficiently by providing personalized study plans based on your progress and performance. You can easily track your progress and adjust your study plan accordingly.


Customizable Study Tools

Our study tool provides customizable study tools, including math templates and problem sets, to help you learn more effectively. You can also create your own custom templates and problem sets.


Efficient Analytics

Our study tool provides efficient analytics to help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement. You can also receive personalized recommendations based on your performance.


Personalized Notifications

Our study tool provides personalized notifications to help you stay on track with your studies. You can receive daily or weekly digests of your progress and upcoming study plans.

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